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Mision & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Dr. Bhabha public School's Motto Is "Atma Deepo Bhava" or "Be Your Own Light". The children at Dr. Bhabha public School are encouraged to explore, reach out and seek answers for themselves. Dr. Bhabha public School is a unique effort of imparting education combined with modern state of the art, technology and expertise. The mission behind this day-boarding school is to provide a systematic and holistic educational opportunity to students.
It has rightly been said that Education is the key to success Prosperity and development. The world has been benefited from the education. Now people are successful, developed and prosperous, in terms of money and physical possessions. Now we have a lot of things that provide comfort and happiness to us, but Are we really happy now? Studies show that happiness measurement index has been declining day by day. So - Called educated and developed nations have less happiness level. The study also reveals a fact that the ultimate goal of a person is to have peace and true happiness in his/her life. It has also been seen that even a so called educated person is corrupt, impatient and atrocious in nature. Who/what should be blamed for this? Is not it the prevailed education system? Yes, I think so, I think a characterful person is a truly happy person. Educated institutions are like factories that are producing many making tools in the form of educated persons. There is no any stress on character building. The need of hour is that school should produce character full and patriotic citizen. Now a very natural question arises. How? I think it is possible. It is possible only when we educate our children in right why. To educate means to take out. Not to give in. Unfortunately our system works on the principle of feeding not on self-recognition. Each and every person has divine power in him/her. There is a superman in every man. The essence lies in creating environment to let him out. Such an environment could be created when teacher will be characterful and parent will be characterful. A characterful is one who listens to his/her heart not to mind. Because in your heart there lives the super power the almighty.